The Werblog.

Oh my God the Werblog is live. I’ve been mulling a personal website for about 15 years, when I first learned what a myspace was. Since then I’ve set off on a few different careers but the ones that have stuck are writing, science and music. My goal with this site is to share some of the work I’m doing, along with the ideas and art that are getting me all excited these days.

Before diving in, here’s some extremely technical information that will be helpful as you browse this Werblog world: My name’s Dan Werb. I am epidemiologist. I am a science writer. And I compose and produce music. What’s the latest? Well shit. I do lots of work on epidemics, including COVID-19 and the North American overdose epidemic. A lot of my purely research work is focused on addictions and, basically, showing how treating people who use drugs humanely can actually help make things better for everyone. I run a research group called the Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation. I write (mostly) non-fiction about epidemics and the drug trade, including a book about the US-Mexico border. I also like writing about people. I compose and produce music most recently under the name Grapes Godly and I’ve worked on a bunch of different musical projects in various capacities. I’m 5’8.99999″. I live mostly in Toronto but find myself in San Diego a lot. Here’s the worst headshot of me I could find. I’m on twitter @danwerb.

ENJOY. That’s an order.