Hi. I’m Dan Werb, and I mostly spend my time writing and doing scientific research. I’m mostly based in Toronto these days. This site is here for occasional writing, updates, and links to all the things I work on. So now that you’re here, why don’t you check out some cool stuff I’ve worked on?

Pre-order my new book, The Invisible Siege: The Rise of Coronaviruses and the Search for a Cure:


I also strongly recommend (because of course I would) checking out my first book, City of Omens: A Search for the Missing Women of the Borderlands, which chronicles the five years I spent investigating how an entire city transformed into a ‘femicide machine’ (to steal a phrase coined by the brilliant Mexican writer and journalist Sergio González Rodríguez). You can learn more and buy the book here.

If you’re interested in airy synth-pop, you can stream music from Ark Analog, my now defunct electronic music project with Maylee Todd.

If you want to really dig into the research that I do, which is focused mostly on the overdose epidemic, check out pubmed.

If you want more, there’s more…

Some of my New York Times pieces on the COVID-19 pandemic – available here and here.

An excerpt from City of Omens in Salon.

A documentary about some of the scientific work I’m doing around trying to prevent injection drug use initiation.

Some other music I’ve made:

Some of the better research I’ve done: